Narragansett Beach Portrait Photography

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I can't! It's gone by soooo fast. I finally managed to snap some beach portraits of baby Julian (long overdue!), and will be sharing those soon. For now, I am sharing an amazing shoot in Narragansett on the beach. I loved this shoot so much, because not only did it capture photos of two sweet families on vacation, but it captured photos of their daughters, who are preschool best friends (how cute is that?!), together! It was so stinking' cute!

Which brings me to my next point....

Did you know that we have somewhat of a "Best Friends" promotion going on right now? Book your session on the same day at the same location consecutively, and you will each receive 20% off of the session fee! And we can even snap a few photos of the best friends together in between the sessions :) . 

This goes for all sessions: family, baby, high school seniors...and can be done this summer or fall! So, take advantage! 

Oh, and if you book your fall session by September 1st, you receive ANOTHER 20% great is that?? And yes, the offers can be combined :).