Nicky + Joey's Newport Beach Club Wedding

Sometimes when you wake up on your wedding day, it isn’t the sunny, beautiful day you have dreamed about, but rather pouring rain and high speed winds. This was what happened on Nicky + Joey’s wedding day, so when I arrived at the beach home they had rented in Newport, I fully expected some nerves and stress. Rather, I found the opposite. Some of the first words out of Nicky’s mouth were, “I’m so glad we rented an indoor/outdoor venue. I haven’t been stressed out at all.”

By indoor/outdoor venue, Nicky was referring to her venue, The Newport Beach House , which has gorgeous space inside for both ceremony and portraits (as well as outside). It was so nice seeing how relaxed Nicky + Joey were, and we were able to capture some amazing portraits in the newly constructed Oyster Lounge with it’s modern cement floors and walls full of windows.

Planning a wedding? Choose an indoor/outdoor venue to ease your nerves :) . If your dream venue doesn’t have an indoor option, see if you can rent one nearby for portraits. Botanical centers, libraries, and museums are great options that often rent space to wedding parties for a fee. If all else fails, grab some umbrellas and schedule a day after session :) . The lesson here is if there is rain- don’t fret! You can still get the photos you have dreamed about!