Anasa + Paul's Old Town Engagement Photos in Lansing

When I moved from Michigan to Boston 12 years ago, Old Town in Lansing was just beginning. It was literally a two block radius, and while I thought it was awesome, I wasn’t sure about it’s future as an up and coming neighborhood in Lansing. Well, I was wrong. When I returned to Michigan two years ago, I was so pleasantly surprised that not only had Old Town survived ten years, but it had also THRIVED and EXPANDED by several blocks in all directions and is continuing to do so. Old Town is such a bright spot in Lansing and I was so thankful to return to a city that has so much going for it.

Anasa and Paul also love Old Town, and even though they are getting married in Florida (where they met and are from), chose to have their engagement photos taken in the neighborhood that they love. Congratulations to these two on their engagement and upcoming wedding!!